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Full roof replacement. This customer went with our premium roofing system. We stripped the shingles off of the house. Because the homeowner's did not have a driveway and we could not put a dumpster in the street we brought our Equipter. The Equipter allows us to work in on homes with unique challenges such as narrow areas between houses, no driveway, and dumpster bans. The Equipter has a hydrolic system so the shingles can go directly into the dumpster instead of falling on the ground. Once the roof is stripped, we inspect the wood. We then installed Owens Corning's premium roofing system. These homeowners can rest easy knowing that they never have to replace their roof again.

Owens Corning Premium System

  • New F8 white drip edge, new 3-in-1 pipe collars for the exhaust pipe, WeatherLock ice & water shield, new aluminum step flashing, Owens Corning VentSure ridge vent, Owens Corning Hip & Ridge shingles in Onyx Black, and Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles in Onyx Black