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What type of siding is best for my house?

Home Exterior Tips · January 17, 2023


Starting a siding project can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from that some people do not even know where to start. Thinking about what you want and talking to a trusted professional can help make the process a lot easier. A few things to think about before contacting a professional are:

  • What color or colors do you prefer.
  • What style of siding you want.
  • Are there any areas where an accent style of siding will make your home stand out.
  • The size of the project.

There are a few different reasons to replace your siding. A common reason is to increase your home's energy efficiency. You may want to add some curb appeal because you are selling or renting the property, or you are in a situation where your siding is damage or rotting and needs to be done to protect the structural integrity of the home. There are a lot of options to choose from. Here is a list of some of the styles and options to think about before starting your project.

Aluminum siding

  • Aluminum siding is a great option for houses near the water because it is rust resistant. It is not a common style of siding these days, but it is an economical choice and can be used in any climate. Aluminum siding is relatively low maintenance and can be painted if you want to give your home a new look. Aluminum siding does have a few drawbacks, such as being easily dented of dinged up, aluminum is a conductor so it transfers energy which can lead to higher energy costs, and can be somewhat noisy during rainstorms, hailstorms, and while it expands and contracts.
      Wood Clapboard Siding
      • The siding industry has started to move away from wood clapboard otherwise known as lap siding. Clapboard is beautiful and provides a classic look to the house. It is a long horizontal installation of wooden boards overlapping each other. Clapboard siding has a thicker edge on one side so the boards are able to seamlessly overlap. Clapboard siding is a great option for people who want a natural weathered look, are concerned about sustainability, and for people who prefer a little more customization options. Since it is made from natural wood you can paint or stain your siding to look exactly how you want. There are a few things to consider before choosing clapboard siding though. Wood will rot over time if it is not properly taken care of. That means you may need to paint or stain you siding every 5-10 years. There is a lot of upkeep required when you select any style of wood siding.
      Cedar Shake Shingles
      • Cedar shingles are a great way to increase the natural beauty of your home. It is unique and helps your home stand out. Wood is not a conductor, so it has an added benefit of being a natural insulator. It is a lightweight shingle that is easy to install. You can customize the look easily with paint or stain. As the shingles age they change to a desirable grey weathered color without affecting the integrity of the shingle. Cedar is a sturdy wood that lasts a long time with proper upkeep. If treated properly it can last 20-50 years depending on where you live and your proximity to the ocean.
      • This style of siding is commonly used as an accent piece on a gable. It is also a common look on farmhouse style homes. It is installed vertically which gives your home a truly unique look because this is an often-overlooked style of siding. It is typically more expensive than standard styles of siding. You can find board-and-batten in wood, composite, or vinyl siding. Pricing depends on what materials you are looking to use on your home.
      • Stucco siding is not nearly as popular style of siding as it used to be. There have been some advancements in the production of stucco which can give your home an interesting look with little maintenance it properly cared for. Stucco does come in multiple colors as well.
      Brick and brick veneer siding
      • Brick siding is a less common look but can give your home a beautiful look if done correctly. It gives your home a timeless look while adding energy efficiency because brick is a fantastic insulator. Brick siding must be mortared and that has its own issues. Mortar will deteriorate over time. Any mason can fix the mortar, but you need to repair it in a timely manner if you do not want to rebuild an entire wall of section. Brick veneer is a great option if you are looking for the look of brick siding but want to keep your expenses as low as possible. The veneer is also a wonderful accent piece if you want to add a pop of brick to your home.
      Stone veneer siding
      • Stone veneer is just like brick veneer. It is manufactured to look exactly like real stone at a fraction of the cost. It is most used as an accent on the front of a house to give you a unique look that you can be proud of every day you come home.
      Fiber Cement Siding
      • Fiber cement siding is a great option because it will not rot, it does not fade, and it is impervious to termites or insects that damage traditional wood siding. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that your siding is going to last as long as you take care of it with minor maintenance. It is easily painted which gives you the option to change the look of your house without replacing the existing siding. If the fiber cement is regularly painted, you never have to worry about any issues. It is a great long-term option for people that live in their forever home or anyone that does not want to deal with the typical upkeep.
      Vinyl Siding
      • Vinyl siding is by far the most popular style on the market today. It comes in a wide range of styles and colors. It is also one of the most cost affective options. Vinyl siding is weather resistant as well. Vinyl siding is resistant to fading and is also impervious to termites and other insects. Vinyl siding can blow off in high windstorms if it is not properly secured. You can get vinyl siding with insulation built directly into the panel or installed directly on your sheathing. Vinyl gives you a cost affective option to increase you curb appeal, increase your energy efficiency, and provide a maintenance free option.

      Engineered wood siding

      • This style of siding is made up of pieces of real wood, wood scraps, sawdust, and other wood-like materials. It is a durable material the looks and feels exactly like traditional wood siding. The installation process is very easy, and this is a more cost-effective option than real wood. Because it is made up of wood products it can be susceptible to water damage. If it is installed properly and you keep an eye on everything while doing some minor upkeep this option lasts a long time before it needs to be replaced. You can also paint it if you want to change the look of you home.
      Composite Siding
      • Composite siding is designed to look like vinyl or wood siding, but it is manufactured using plastic and other materials that have been recycled. Because of this it is more eco-friendly than traditional vinyl or wood. It is treated to be insect, fire, and mold resistant. It also is biodegradable. You need to clean the siding every so often, but there is a very low amount of maintenance required with composite siding.


      We hope that this gives you a starting point with your siding project. A little research and having a reputable siding company assist you along your way can make a daunting task enjoyable and relatively simple. At Peguero Construction we have trained professionals that can help assist you make the best decision for your home. Give us a call today for a free inspection and quote.

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