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Why are my windows drafty?

Home Exterior Tips · December 14, 2022



Windows were originally single panes of glass. They were made with the intention of keeping animals and water out of the home while allowing natural light in. Homes that were built in the 17, 18, and even early 1900s did not have modern forms of heating installed. Energy efficiency was not a major concern for homeowners during these periods of time.

The first thing that was created was the storm window. This gave the existing windows an additional layer of insulation. This was a fantastic first step in the window industry, but storm windows did come with some issues. Storm windows are also only one pane of glass, and the frames are metal. Metal is a conductor of cold, and a single pane of glass also transfers temperatures very easily. Storm windows were a helpful addition to a home with single pane windows, but there was still a need for further advancement.

As more modern heating systems began to be designed and installed in new homes, the need for more energy efficient windows was created. In the early 1900s the double pane window was created. This invention was revolutionary at the time. It added an additional piece of glass to the window, giving the window an increased layer of insulation without a storm window. However, the gap between the two panes of glass was empty. This allowed hot and cold air to pass through the window with relative ease. 

As society continued to advance so did the heating systems. Oil, gas, and electric heat became prevalent in new homes which added another element of comfort in the house. As we all know the cost of heating based on non-renewable energy sources has drastically increased over the years. As heating and cooling costs continued to rise, another change in the manufacturing of windows was necessary to help offset the costs. Window manufacturers began to install dense gasses such as argon and krypton in between the panes of glass. These dense gasses drastically reduced the amount of energy that could transfer from one pane to another and pass through the window. Eventually, the triple pane window was invented.

Windows continue to evolve as societies needs change and the cost of heating and cooling continue to drastically change from season to season and year to year.


There are a few different factors that can contribute to windows allowing drafts to come through.

  • single pane windows
  • broken glass
  • no insulation around the frame of the window
  • broken seal (condensation in between the glass)
  • improper installation
  • cracks in the caulking around your windows
  • older, less efficient windows


There are a few quick solutions to help fight the loss of energy through your windows.

  • install plastic wrap on the windows
  • add storm windows to the exterior
  • buy a draft stopper
  • install new caulk around the windows

All of these options are great for a short-term solution. However, the problem will continue to get worse over time. The only true solution to stop drafty windows is to replace them. At Peguero Construction we understand that replacing all the windows in your home can be a daunting task mentally and financially. We are more than happy to break your window project up so it fits within your budget and solves the most pressing issues you have.

Give us a call or fill out the form below for you free, no obligation window estimate.

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